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Absence and Loss, Holocaust Memorials in Berlin and Beyond


Absence and Loss represents a restrained and yet powerful and innovative approach to the theme of Holocaust remembrance and memorialisation.


The work is a personal and focused photographic journey portraying the total disruption of the lives of those who fell outside Hitler’s world vision. 


It explores how Germany, in a variety of ways, is trying both to confront and address the consequences of its past, while grappling with and acknowledging the loss of a vibrant part of its population and culture.


The issues of racism and extremism are explored in this powerful work through both the photography and extended captions.


The images run in historical sequence; charting Jewish achievement, the rise of  National Socialism, the subsequent persecution and destruction of Jews and other groups, and includes portraits and memorials of rescuers and survivors.

Absence and Loss has been exhibited extensively in England as well as in Germany, Holland and South Africa.


Absence and Loss, Holocaust Memorials in Berlin and Beyond was published in 2007 by David Paul.

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